Girls’ Auxiliary (G.A.)

One of the pioneers of the Girls’ Auxiliary work in WMU of Nigeria was Mrs. Carson (SBC missionary). In 1922, she gathered girls who were too old for the Sunbeam Band to form Girls’ Association which was later changed to Girls’ Auxiliary the same year. Few officers were elected among them to lead: Miss Grace Emokpae (later Mrs. Sagie) who was one of their leaders then.  In Ogbomoso, Miss Young also promoted girls who were too old for the Sunbeam Band to GAs. They were meeting once in a month on Sundays and later the enrolment grew to 22. Only two or three could read and there was no literature organised by Mrs. Carson. The main programme was to act Bible stories.

In 1924, there were nine (9) Girls’ Auxiliary in Ijora, Awe, Ode-Omu, Ibadan, Iresi, Ikire, Abeokuta Girls’ School, Igbajo and  Ogbomoso with enrolment of 149. Fifty-six of them could read the Bible. The Girls’ Auxiliary organisation was officially recognised as a part of WMU family in 1925. The theme for that year was Thirty-five Events in the Life of Christ, though had the same hymn and watchword with the Young Women’s Association— O Zion Haste and Daniel 12:3, respectively. The watchword “Arise, shine:  for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon you (Isaiah 60:1) for that year becomes the G.A. permanent watchword.